Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wanted: New Skin

Where does one get thicker skin? Just when I think that I have perfected a nice, thick skin, and I have all of my armor in place, somebody says thoughtless, stupid things and I'm left emotionally raw and naked.
I'm tired of it. I can't keep people from saying stupid things, or from putting me down to lift themselves up. I can't avoid people either. So it's me. I have to change.


Minda said...

Or, I could beat up the mean people. Who is it this time, who do you want me to pound?

Or was it me? I sure hope not!

bellsong1 said...

Great minds think alike: I almost left that identical message the night before! (I love my wife!)
So you let us know, Lisa, and Minda and I will tag team 'em!