Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movie Review: Pygmalion

In 1939, this movie was nominated for four Academy Awards. And that was a decent year in motion picture history, so I thought I should check it out.

The plot? Netflix says: "When snooty phonetics professor Henry Higgins meets Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle, he bets his friend that he can elevate her lowbrow speech and pass her off as a duchess at a grand ball in just three months. Through an unrelenting string of exasperating drills, Henry transforms the uncultured Eliza into an elegant lady. Along the way, he falls in love with her … but Henry's too stubborn to admit it."

What? That sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it? Yes, 25 years before darling Audrey could have danced all night, this movie was made in Britain, based off of Bernard Shaw's original play by the same name. Pygmalion is not as fast-paced as My Fair Lady, and because of that, more emphasis is placed on the emotion of the characters.

It is interesting to note, Shaw DID NOT want or intend for Liza and Professor Higgins to end up together. But still, in the play, the screenplay, and the musical, we are left with the conclusion that they have found an odd comfort in each other. I think I like the story better because the two characters don't have a "Hollywood Ending"; that appeals to me.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, to someone who already has established a love of classic movies, and isn't expecting a lot of flash. If you're looking for the elaborate costuming and staging, and upbeat, romantic musical tone of My Fair Lady, you will probably be happier with something else.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And now, Cat Free!

I hadn't posted about this, it seems to have happened sometime during the blog slump. Our household is now down to one pet, Missy.

Grady, the orange cat, shuffled off this mortal coil by way of the local animal hospital, if you catch my drift. He had been having trouble keeping food down, and after talking to the vet, it was decided it was time. He lived a full life, and it was better to go before there was too much pain.

And Sam, the grey & white cat, has found a new home with Minda, Scott & Andrew. He went on a trial visit, and it was a good fit. Now he's a part of the family, and even seems to enjoy running around the room with the cranky old girl kitty. Andrew made this scrapbook page for Sam:

Dave's allergies are appreciating the change!

Happy Easter

Here is a little taste of Spring. Trust me, don't look outside. No good can come of it. For now, the flowers are found indoors.

We had a very nice Easter. We went to Mass, and then Dave's family came over. We had dinner, we told them about the baby, we played games. It was a fun afternoon, but afterwards I was exhausted! Oh, and I was darn happy... I was still able to fit into my new Easter suit. $12 at the consignment shop, whoo hoo!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And One More...

You Need Some Purple in Your Life

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And with a little purple, you will project an aura of individuality.

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The downside of purple: It can evoke sad feelings

The consequences of more purple in your life:

You will feel an increase in your artistic abilities

You will find balance in the most chaotic parts of your life

You will feel calm and will be hard to disturb

Which Austen Heroine are You?

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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I can't disagree with this...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Elusive Seven-Bone Roast

I want this. I want it badly. Last year, I was able to do a special request at Byerly. So this year, despite the fact that I do have a freezer full of beef (and much to my husband's chagrin) I called to order one.

Apparently cows have gone boneless in the last year. I had some nice chats with a couple of butchers (really nice people, by the way. There's a job that has become invisible in today's world) and learned that the chain stores don't even have the option of getting those chuck roasts whole anymore. They come from the meat packing plant already de-boned, cut and ready to go. A few of the butchers and I commiserated on the loss... the tenderness and flavor is just not the same in those roasts. So, take a moment, if you will, to mourn the end of the good old days.

But wait a minute, all hope is not completely lost. This year, I WILL go to my freezer and pull out whatever chuck roast happens to be in there. But where did that roast come from? A COW. With BONES. On Dave's uncle's FARM. Saaay. I need to learn all of the technical specifications of what is a seven-bone roast, so that I can impress upon Uncle Gene that THAT ROAST is THE ONE. And I will beg, plead, cry if I have to, until I HAVE MY ROAST.

Too bad it will be frozen, though... but now I'm getting picky.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tellling Mom & Dad N

My parents recently came home from a two-week trip of a lifetime to Israel. So I'm sure they suspected nothing when I suggested we go out for dinner. I'm not sure what they thought when they saw we had a wrapped present that we brought to dinner. But I told them it was something they didn't have, and I thought they might like. Of course the hostess at the restaurant wanted to know what the occasion was-- oh no occasion! Just a gift for the parents.

Now, we were really enjoying hearing about their trip. What an experience. But save that for later. Oddly, I was nervous about telling them. That was a weird reaction, I mean, I knew they were going to be over the moon excited. But still, I was nervous. I felt totally impatient waiting for my mom to finish her salad. I felt like I was staring at her bowl, and at every bite.. Then, finally, she was done, and I gave her the package. Inside were two coffee mugs that said "Hello my name is GRANDMA" and "Hello my name is GRANDPA" I think her first words were, "Oh, yeah?" and my dad said, "What does that mean?" I had stuck one of the ultrasound pictures into the Grandma mug, and she showed it to my dad. He got it. I think their only disappointment was that they didn't have the mugs the day before, when they met their best friends for breakfast. And I was right, over the moon excited.

Oh, what the heck...

There IS something I could certainly blog about.

Yes, Dave & I are expecting a baby sometime around October 8. Things are going well. I saw the midwife at 9 weeks, and got to see the heart flashing. She gave me a prescription for anti-nausea and something for headaches with a little more oomph than straight Tylenol, God bless her. Every few days, I think that the worst of the nausea is behind me, and then every few nights I'm proven wrong. But soon! I HATE how I'm eating right now.