Thursday, February 01, 2007

CHA Wrap-up

Well, CHA Winter 2007 has come and gone. It was very fun. I'd consider going again. It was work though. I'm glad I decided to stay in California a few extra days. This afternoon I went with Greta & Jody to Burbank, where we went to NBC studios and got standby tickets for Jay Leno. They were looking for star sightings, but I feel that tv stars are only slightly higher on the scale than scrapbook idols of people I really don't have time to care about. While we were waiting in the standby line, a studio page came up and gave us 3 guaranteed tickets. They have this whole complicated process for getting people into the show, and pretty much you wait around and hope to get lucky enough to get in. We got in, and it was very fun to see the show in person. I especially liked that they had animals from Busch Gardens. They're more amusing than actresses and singers, I guess.


nancy_scraps said...

Heck, I think hanging out with Jody and Greta for a day would beat meeting any celebs!

Cool that you got to go. Could you take in cameras? Any pictures?

Minda said...

Love you doesn't begin to say it. I know exactly what you mean. How fun though to have that as an experience in your past!