Thursday, February 22, 2007

8x10 Challenge

Wes threw out a challenge to use LARGER THAN LIFE (8x10) photos. Minda took it one step further and added the stipulation to NOT use vacation or portrait photos.

My first page is from a picture I took of my feet after the Twin Cities 3-Day.

The next page used a picture I have loved for a few years. This dog was actually a very friendly stray. Ok, it's technically a picture taken on vacation, but it's not a vacation picture. :)

When I started thinking about pictures of THINGS, and things I love, I immediately thought of the pictures I have of sushi. (I picked up the habit of photographing my sushi meals from Chie)

This was a fun challenge!


Minda said...

WOW! Apparently using large photos makes you scrapbook faster too! Way to go!

nancy_scraps said...

But to do an 8x10 page I would have to actually print out some pictures in 8x10 format. I know...easy to do but I never do.

Nice pages. Love the sushi.