Wednesday, February 07, 2007

By Coincidence (Plan A)

I was driving home from work tonight, and thinking I should try to get a picture of this page to put on my blog. Lucky for me, I was able to "borrow" a picture from Minda. The journaling is below:

On my flight home from California, I read the bridal magazine I had thrown into my bag from cover to cover. And no, I'm still not jazzed about the big wedding. It helps knowing that we've postponed it from fall '07 to spring '08, but I still know it's looming in the future, and I SHOULD feel excited about it. Or at least not repelled by it.

If I had a wedding planner who would take on all of the stress and all of the planning, and then offer to pay for it all, then, indeed, I would be all for this undertaking. But I don't really see any fairy wedding planners popping out of the woodwork with any such offer. So, here is my next great idea:

I want to be the groom.

The bride spends a good year looking at magazines, talking to venues, meeting with photographers, trying on dresses, arguing with bridesmaids, adding and subtracting to the guest list, agonizing over stephanotis versus stargazer lilies.

The groom picks four friends and shows up.

I trust Dave, I think he would make a good bride. He would actually be quite efficient, and not one to be reduced to tears. I want to be able to say things like, "your decision sounds good to me" and "whatever makes you happy, dear". I would appreciate all of the work he put into it.

Sounds like a plan.

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nancy_scraps said...

It's beautiful AND witty. Glad you posted the text.

Hoping to see you soon!