Monday, July 27, 2009

Life is Full of Little Surprises

One week ago, Minda rescued a beagle puppy from a trip to Animal Control. She was pretty sure where the pup had originated, and managed to explain to the extremely kind officer that she could get the puppy back home. By the next day, a little more of her story was revealed and it was clear that she needed a new home. Around the time that Dave and I were discussing the possibility bringing her home either on a foster or permanent basis, another couple stepped in and decided that they wanted to keep her. But of course that wasn't the end of the story, was it? Within 48 hours, they decided that although she is very sweet, she wasn't a good fit for their family situation. So last Wednesday, I got the phone call saying she needed a new home yet again.

Since we were going to Duluth this weekend, they agreed to keep her until we got back. So last night, Almondine Shultz came home!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ben and I have been thrilled with our very special guest from China, Amelia. (That's her English name.) She, 19 students and one other teacher, arrived on the 14th, and will be here until August 3rd. Ben and Amelia are absolutely nuts about each other.

This weekend we're heading up to Duluth to see Lake Superior. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Twins Game

Sunday, my parents, Dave's parents, Pete & Kitty, Ben & I took the train to the Twins Game. I had free tickets for Armed Forces Appreciation Day, plus I had a time set up to video conference with Dave. Well... there was a bit of a mix-up with the tickets. But we got to see the Twins win, and we got to talk to Dave, and that's what's important.

When we got home, the neighbors were having a party. Their music was pretty loud. I had to play soft music in Ben's room to get him settled down. I slept with earplugs, and after a long, busy weekend, I slept very well.

In the morning I checked on Ben, and this is what I saw:

I guess he decided to make his own earplugs.

Fourth of July Weekend

What a busy holiday weekend! Friday night, Minda & Andrew came over, and we had fondue. We ate far too much good food! But we went for a walk between dinner and dessert, so I'm absolutely sure we burned off all of the calories.

Saturday, my parents, Ben and I went to Sandy's, where we did a little shopping, installed a TV onto her office wall, grilled some brats and watched a movie. Ben was an absolute angel all day.