Monday, October 16, 2006

On your marks

This week is going to feel like running a marathon (speaking figuratively, of course! I do not ever plan on having a reference to what a marathon feels like).
But for now, I am waiting again. Today I'm waiting for a report so I can get started on a project for one job. I'm waiting for a phone call so I can finish a project for the other job. I'm waiting for a phone call from Dave, and I'm waiting to get over the headache that's been dogging me the last three days. I'm trying to prepare for the marathon training I have this week, and trying to prepare for working each evening. Ready, set....

This was the project I did for the October scrap club challenge. The challenge I chose was to make an album that fit into another gift item. I made a mini-book for my niece that fit into a little lipgloss purse set.

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