Monday, October 02, 2006

Getting ready for the Drywall company

Tomorrow the drywall company comes to fix the bad patch in the living room ceiling. I'm starting to feel like the cure's worse than the disease. To fix it, they have to scrape all of the texture off and then respray. That means that all of the pictures have to come off the walls in the living room and dining room. All of the furniture will have to be moved too. What a pain. I can't reach two of the pictures, because I borrowed the ladder I used to hang them. I'm going to see tomorrow if I can talk the drywall people into helping me take them down and put them back up. (They're about 10 feet up)

I don't know what changed from last June when Keyland and the drywall company were such jerks. I didn't hear anything or say anything for months, but suddenly they called and wanted to fix the ceiling. And they were pleasant! Who knows.

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