Thursday, October 19, 2006

Much Love

Dogs are NOT like children, but they need love and attention. They notice when their routine is disrupted. If I'm home, they lay around and sleep in the evening, or play if they feel like it; and if I'm at work, they do pretty much the same thing. But Missy and Rufus made it clear that they've missed me this week. Missy went for positive attention, Rufus went for negative attention. Funny little personalities. When I got home last night, Karlene had left a note that Rufus had been sick, and had been put in the bathroom for the evening. I discovered that Rufus had eaten a tube of chicken-flavored doggie toothpaste. And yes, he ate the TUBE. He gets creative when he feels neglected!

Missy, my sweet girl, I will explain, sleeps next to me. When I can't sleep I will reach out and curl my fingers into her fur. She has gotten used to it, but she likes her space when she's sleeping. But last night, she layed down in the crook of my arm with her head on my chest. And she moved several times in the night, but always stayed snuggled up to me. She has done this before when she has been "out of sorts". It's very sweet.

My husband is also very sweet. He sends me flowers just because he misses me. I'm very loved. (Even by Rufus, the little brat.)

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