Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Self-Sufficient Studette

I like it when I accomplish something outside of my comfort zone, even if it seems like a minor task.
Task: Dispose of Dead Lawnmower
Hurdle 1. Call garbage company and ask if they take dead lawnmowers.
They do! For a $15 charge, they will pick it up on trash day. Well, that was easy, I wonder why I put that off for so long.
Hurdle 2. Drain gas & oil.
Camping, gardening, bugs; dog messes, baby spew, no problem. I can handle it. Engines? Ick. I don't want to touch oily, greasy, dirty, stinky engines. But I did it. I flipped 'er over and got her draining into a pan.
Hurdle 3. My hands smell like gasoline.
I've washed them three times with strong kitchen soap. HELP!


Lisa said...

(Now they smell like gasoline and Lemon Ajax)

Minda said...

Try lemon juice.

You are so funny, thanks for the morning laughs!