Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'd rather be... weeding?

Ok, back to work. But I'd rather be out in my yard, yanking weeds out of the landscape rock. It's like a jungle, because I decided to ignore them up until now. Karlene and I sprayed and weeded the front, but the side and back were pretty bad. This weekend, I decided to attack them with temerity. And I rather enjoy it. My Aunt Sandy said she likes weeding to take out her frustrations. She's pretty smart. It feels pretty good to yank them out.

My other project this weekend has been to make a sample book of all of my die cut alphabets. Now with the addition of Quickutz to my repertoire, I thought it would be helpful. I'm so impressed with my Ellison Big Shot. If I was doing this project one letter at a time, I never would have done it. But now that I can do 6 dies and two colors at once, BAM, that's pretty cool. (I did find I get better results using a shim when I use multiple dies)

I'm loving weeding, Minda's a biking fool... What a world, what a world.

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