Friday, March 02, 2007

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I'm pretty sure in a week I'll know so many things! For now, I'm impatiently waiting. Deployment changes, job changes, friends relocating, tentative vacation plans. Ah, possibilities.

Last night I nearly finished my stepson's album, now known as the little album that could. This will be the third time it's been nearly finished, but each time I have been blessed with more pictures. It has gone from a meagre 40 pages to a much more robust 130 pages. I have to blow up one picture and add a title page, and it will be done.

The majority of people (all 5 of you!) that read my blog live in Minnesota, so this picture probably doesn't impress you. But since there are a few on the eastern hemisphere who have been known to check it out on occasion, here it is: The snow in the front yard is knee deep, with another inch or so predicted today.

They've been having pretty nasty sandstorms in Iraq as we're having snowstorms here in Minnesota. I can definitely say I'll take the snow.


nancy_scraps said...

My girls are sledding down the piles next to the driveway in the backyard.

Do you have a snowblower? Or a plow? I'll bet your driveway was a mess.

Anonymous said...

The north side of our driveway was hip deep after the first snow storm. We didn't get as much snow the second time, but the drifts were worse. We now have snow piled up higher than my waist and up to my chin (I'm 5'6") in one place after climbing up and pushing the snow back as far as I could reach. But the snow-shoeing sure is good!
Waiting is hard!!!