Friday, March 23, 2007

Robins, Hope and Spring

I took the dogs for a walk yesterday, and I was pleased to see an old friend:

Not sure exactly when he got back into town, but yesterday was the first day I noticed him. Only fitting for the first full day of spring, I guess.

With spring in Minnesota, there are a lot of feelings of hope and anticipation, I think. A lot of firsts as the world wakes up after the winter. One of my favorite books from my childhood, and still today, is "The Secret Garden". Our friend, the cheeky robin, plays an important role in that story too; although Mistress Mary's robin is not quite the same as my American version.

I'm torn today about feelings of hope. It seems all of nature is conspiring to bring that sense of hope to the world. But I don't want to feel hope, because I have been disappointed again. Dave had seemed so confident that he could come home for Easter, but yesterday he found out that he cannot. So all of the plans that I made with the carefully placed caveats; all need to be revised. Harumph.

How am I supposed to properly say harumph when it is such a nice day outside?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Chicky. I adore you and wish the best for you. You can make it. Just a little while longer...