Thursday, March 15, 2007

36 Hours

Dave didn't get back in time to attend the funeral. He arrived at Ft. McCoy on Monday evening. Tuesday morning, he called me and asked if I could come to La Crosse and see him. He thought he would probably have free time Tuesday and Wednesday before he needed to leave. So I made some calls, rearranged my schedule a bit, and headed to Too to pull the items I need for my page kits. Once I finished that, I was totally free until work on Wednesday afternoon. Then I thought, maybe it might be difficult to make it back in time for work, so I started calling around to see if somebody could cover for me at the store.

My phone rang, it was Dave. Change of plans. They approved him, and another guy, Mike, to drive to Georgia. So instead of staying in La Crosse, I was now going to pick him up so that they could drive me back to the cities and then leave for Georgia. It sounded like they had to leave immediately. I was mad.

As I headed to La Crosse, I got a clarification on the plans. Although they were "leaving for Georgia", they actually were going to stay in the Cities for a bit. Whew. We got back to Rosemount at about 9, changed clothes and went to Rudy's. Good stuff. The waitress gave us (Dave)free appetizers when she heard that he had just come back from Iraq.

Wednesday, DH spent a long time (too much time!) fixing my laptop. It's not 100% yet, but it's on the mend. I really appreciate all of the time he put into it. Then we went to Herkimer pub with Scott, Minda & Andrew. We had a really great time. I'm glad it worked out for them to meet each other. After we left the pub, we stopped into a little bike shop a few doors down. Dave got himself a nice hybrid bike. Although he has his truck to take him to school in Georgia, since it's 2 miles between school and home, he's looking forward to taking his bike a lot of the time.

This morning, he packed up his truck and the boat, filled with military gear, civilian clothes, camping equipment, fishing equipment, a bike and golf clubs. I wonder if he will have time to miss me. ;) We said goodbye and he was on his way. He was only home for 36 hours, but it was wonderful.

Sincere thank yous to the following people: Leigh B. and Sue T. for the time off, and all of the great people (Susan!) who covered for me; Scott & Minda, thank you for dinner, and Andrew, thank you for the picture and the jealous affection; and Col. Elicerio, thank you for (begrudgingly) sending Dave back.


Pete Nelson said...

I'm glad you finally got to see Dave again!

nancy_scraps said...

Sorry Dave missed the funeral, glad he made it back safely. You look happy in this picture.

And who wouldn't in such a lovely pink coat. Really. I love it. I can't wear pink, though. I would get it in lime green.