Thursday, January 04, 2007

He Knows the Plans

I've added a new link for a friend's blog who should be arriving in Cambodia any day now for an 18-month missions project. We'll call her Madame X, because at no time will her name appear in her blog. She has been instructed that having her name linked with Christian content may prevent her from being able to work in some countries. My prayers are with her.

I've also got another thing that I am prayerfully considering. Not to worry, it's not directly about Dave; he's peachy. It could potentially be a very good thing!

He knows the plans.


Minda said...

Did you know that Martha spent a year in camps as a doctor at the border of Cambodia? Did you know her husband is Cambodian? Did you know her husband is in Cambodia right now and will be for anther couple of months? Best of the best to your friend!

Lisa said...

I knew about half of those things, and the other half are really interesting to find out! Thanks!