Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Present!

Last night was Too's Christmas party, and we went to Buca in Burnsville. It's been 14 hours and I think I'm still full. We all brought a gift to exchange, and I got a gift from Vicki. I'm really excited about trying it out.

I can see it now.... "2007? Was that the year you painted on ALL of your scrapbook pages?"

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nancy_scraps said...

Yay! My ability to comment has come back! (For some reason I wasn't able to do this on your account the last few days...I blame the firewall at work).

You will have paint on your pages for months! I can look back through my work and find my sewing days, my metal days, my paint days.

Love 'em all! I still go back to all the techniques occasionally (mostly painting), but it is so funny how the firt few weeks with a new technique it was on EVERY PAGE.