Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never a Dull Moment


means that Dave was accepted as a Warrant Officer Candidate. I'm so proud of him. And now, he's going to go for training. Next week. He'll be home again at the end of July, until it's time for the next training, sometime in August. He'll (hopefully!!) make a stop home for a few days when his baby is born, hopefully get some time off at Christmas, then back to training until January-ish. And then, finally, once all of the training is done, he will come home so that he can get ready... to deploy again. (Probably.)

When he finally comes home to us(winter 2010), We're going to keep him!


mindakims said...

{inserting thoughts in turmoil here...}

Christi (latte) said...

WOW, that's a pretty full schedule. I'm so sorry he won't be home more often for you and the baby!! But from one military wife to another, I want to THANK YOU for your sacrifice for our country.....really. I just wish it weren't so heart-breakingly HARD to serve!

vannasmom said...

wow! you are one tough cookie!!
If you need anything let me know , course I cant just walk up to your house , but I would be willing to send you goodies for the baby in the mail!!
Thank you for having such a wonderful man to fight for this country too!!
warm huggs! Dawn

Christine said...

yay! welcome to the warrant world! what will he be doing as a warrant?

nancy_scraps said...

Major Congratulations to Dave. What a wonderful achievement.
As for training and having to go through so much of pregnancy and little baby stuff alone. Poop. Just Poop. You will make it. It will be fine in the end. But poor Dave is just torn to be missing this, I'm sure.
Here's praying for his presence during all the birth stuff!!!