Friday, June 13, 2008

The Nest

A few weeks ago, I was hit by the nesting bug. In a few short hours, I moved a queen-sized bed from the room upstairs to the room downstairs (Dave helped, thank you very much!), brought all of the parts of the crib upstairs, put it together, and made the bed. (The last bit was done during commercial breaks in the show we were watching downstairs... can you say manic?)

So the room is really coming together. I have a changing table, and a dresser (I still need to sand and repaint that...)

Oh, and since a few had expressed concern, we have a baby swing. I bought it from the same person who I got the changing table from. (and a bouncer and a baby gym, all for $53...) I took it apart because it was taking up too much space, but it looks like this:

So, we're getting there, and I have spent right around $300 total so far. As I get things, I write down what I have, and if it's borrowed, who it goes back to. My sweet husband worries that I will have bought everything the baby will need, and there will be nothing for family to give as gifts. Sweet, silly boy. He underestimates how much STUFF that babies need.

Well, here's the list so far:

baby gates (2)
baby gym
bath tub
bathing suit 3-6 month
bibs (12 early solids size)
bouncer seat
breast pump
bumper pad
car seat head support
car seat, infant (2 bases)
changing table
cotton hats (5)
crib mattress
crib sheets (1)
diaper rash ointment
diaper wipes
diapers (size n=29, size 1=173)
disposable spoons (3)
front carrier
gowns (2)
hooded towel (1)
jacket 0-3 month (1)
jacket 6-9 month (2)
long sleeve onesies & snap tees, 0-3 month (5)
long sleeve onesies & snap tees, 3-6 month (7)
long sleeve onesies & snap tees, 6-9 month (5)
long sleeve onesies & snap tees, 9-12 month (1)
long sleeve onesies & snap tees, 12 month (4)
nursing bras
nursing support pillow
outlet covers
pacifiers (2, avent)
pack & play (2)
pants & overalls, 0-3 month (4)
pants & overalls, 3-6 month (3)
pants & overalls, 6-9 month (6)
pants & overalls, 12 month (2)
quilt (1)
receiving blankets (5)
robe (1)
rompers, 0-3 month (3)
rompers, 3-6 month (2)
rompers, 6-9 month (3)
rompers, 12 month (1)
short sleeve onesies & snap tees, 0-3 month (13)
short sleeve onesies & snap tees, 3-6 month (12)
short sleeve onesies & snap tees, 6-9 month (6)
side snap undershirts, newborn size (6)
short sleeve onesies & snap tees, 12 month (2)
sleep sack (3)
sleepers 0-3 month (14)
sleepers 3-6 month (7)
sleepers 6-9 month (4)
sleepers 9-12 month (1)
sleepers/pjs 12 month (5)
sleeveless onesie 0-3 month (4)
snowsuit, 0-3 month (1)
snowsuit, 3-6 month (1)
socks m (9)
socks xs (8)
sun hats (2)
sweater 0-3 month (1)
sweaters 3-6 month (4)
two-piece outfits 0-3 month (2)
two-piece outfits 3-6 month (3)
two-piece outfits 6-9 month (7)
warm hat


Leah C said...

is it a boy? huh huh? I saw nothing of dresses on this list!!

Christi said...

Well, the room looks great! You'll be glad to have lots of baby clothes...babies don't wear just one outfit a day like normal humans. Actually, they seem to make it a point to have as many drool, spit-up, and diaper blow-out episodes as possible! Good thing they're so darn cute. :)

rachel whetzel said...

Yep. Seems like what ever amount of outfits you have in the diaper bag, they end up needing one MORE than that! lol