Sunday, May 04, 2008


Today I did some spring clean-up in my flower bed, and as I was doing that, I startled a robin in the pine tree. She kept a very close eye on me, but when she disappeared for a little bit, I carefully got a picture of her nest. After that, I was careful to keep away and let her do her thing. I raked and reseeded the dead spots in the lawn, and then I turned on the sprinkler system. No problems this year. (Last year I turned it on with a pressure release still open, and came outside to find water gushing out... Had to run back downstairs to shut off the inside valve, close it up and do it all again.) My Dad doesn't like working with plumbing, he says it always leaks. I feel like that with restarting the sprinkler system, at every step I'm holding my breath, hoping water comes out where it should and not anywhere else, and feeling a complete sense of amazement when it actually works like it should.

For those with an interest in such things, my belly (formerly known as my waist) is now 38 inches; my bust is 38 1/2. It's still in the lead, but not for long, I think. Right now I just look like a girl who likes fast food, or a little coffee with my cream and sugar.


whetzel momma said...

And the Boobs take the win by a nipple!! lol

Christine said...

great pics! your supposed to be will miss it one day!

Leah C said...

ROFL you are so funny..I love your humor!