Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Minnesota

Over the weekend, Minnesota turned 150 years old. Somehow I missed the birthday cake and most of the party, but I did see this:

This was the wagon train, that went from Cannon Falls to the State Capitol. We caught it while it passed through Hastings. It was really fun to see. And it was interesting to think about what a s-l-o-w way to travel that was.


Pete Nelson said...

Compared to walking, those horses move pretty fast! (Especially considering how fast you would walk while pulling all that stuff!)

However, I don't know that Horses are a better use of resources ... they do tend to eat quite a bit. A Lutefisk-powered engine would probably be the best mode of transport for Minnesota (and the best use of Lutefisk).

Leah C said...

is Lutefisk a fish? *snort* ok, so what do I know? LOVE the photos though... I'm sure it would be fun to pull out the covered wagons and horses once a month or so.. ;)