Friday, May 30, 2008

Here, Fishy Fishy

Over Memorial Day, we went up to Hoffman, MN and stayed with my parents' best friends, Steve & Joyce. They have a cabin on a small lake there. The weather was just fine, a little chilly at times, but I had no complaints. Dave took the kayak out on the lake a few times each day and managed to find some nice walleye and bass.

Steve & Joyce were kind enough to let us stay in their camper. It was so nice! And much more comfortable than a tent. I slept great.

Missy had a fantastic time running around with the other dogs there, and then going back to the camper to lay on her blanket and take a nap. A puppy could get spoiled!

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Leah C said...

LOVE that 2nd photo. so cute! Glad you all had a wonderful weekend!