Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago tonight, I was woken out of a heavy sleep with a migraine. The headache has varied in intensity, but has not gone away completely since then. So two days ago, I saw a headache specialist. She recommended avoiding Tylenol and Fioricet, and trying physical therapy and biofeedback. Now, I'm waiting (with an ice pack on my head) until my appointments with those therapists.

The nausea is much, much improved, but not quite gone yet. I'm also really thankful that I found the headache patches that I love. I can't wait until the headache lets me go, it's going to feel amazing.

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nancy_scraps said...

Lisa.. I've missed seeing you over at tally land... missed your wry sense of humor...
I see that migraines are to blame.
Please come see us when you get better!!!