Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bargain Hunter!


On a brighter note, [don't tell my stomach... it doesn't know I'm here...] I have had FOUR blissful, nausea-free, vomit-free days. And that's been amazing. I could get used to this.

Yesterday, I was spurred into action to go and check out some roomier clothes. First, my faithful Girl Friday and I checked out Nine in Minneapolis, a maternity consignment shop. Cute stuff, good prices. I will definitely go back there. After dinner we happened to be by an upscale maternity boutique... It's crazy what some things cost new. As in, I bought nine pieces of clothing for the cost of one pair of designer maternity jeans. Good thing I don't desire designer clothes. There is at least one more maternity consignment shop I want to check out on another day.

This morning, I woke up and remembered I hadn't checked the "IBM" online classifieds (difficult to explain) that came out a few days ago. From past months, I've noticed people sell baby stuff CHEAP. So today I picked up a solid maple baby cradle, good condition, little used, for $20. When I say I picked it up, though... the story is actually a little more complicated. You see, I could tell by the area code that it was being sold in SE MN, likely in the Rochester area. When I called, he said, "I'm in Byron, do you know where that is?" Yes, I do, indeed. Now, it would have been a slick thing, because I could have had my parents pick it up for us, since they live in Byron... Except they're in Florida. So... Carrie called her mom, (also a Byron resident) and SHE picked it up for us. And that was greatly appreciated, because it saved me a few hours driving and a tank of gas.

And then, I picked up a few more pairs of jeans and capris on Ebay for a song...

So the tally for the weekend:
6 shirts
5 pairs of pants
1 skirt
1 swim suit
1 baby cradle
less than $160


whetzel momma said...

Sweeeeeeeet DEALS!!! (and you KNOW I love those) Way to go, baker lady!!

mindakims said...

you wrote a song on ebay? that is so weird, I didn't even know you were into lyrics. Very interesting!
I wonder if Ho over there <==
knows we talk about her as the coupon/money saving goddess?!?!

Christi said...

Yay for thriftiness!! What awesome bargain prices...and who would pay so much for maternity clothes unless they're planning on making a career out of being pregnant? Craziness, I tell you!

Breann said...

I shop ebay for baby clothes and got great deals-often get more than what was listed in the auction because they had out grown more clothes by the time an item got sold and shipped! It's great! Love those online classified places...need to find one around here. Congrats, Lisa!!

nancy_scraps said...

Can't wait to see you wearing some of these with a little baby bump!!!
Hope things are going well. I've missed seeing you!