Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbye Friend

Rufus James
August 20, 2000 - July 10, 2007


Mom said...

I'm so sorry. I wish I could have "accidently" left my purse where he could raid it for chocolate one last time. I'm crying for my grandpuppy with you.
I Love You

Michelle said...

I heard about this on Tallyscrapper from Minda. My heart goes out to you, Lisa. You are in my thoughts today.


nancy_scraps said...

Oh how sad. I'm glad he hung on long enough for you to say good-bye.

Anonymous said...

Very very sad..


Christine said...

I'm sorry..RIP Rufus and thanks for being a great friend to Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa! I've been out of the computer loop for a few days and just now am seeing this. I'm so sorry. Rufus was a very special dog.

Anonymous said...

My heartfelt sympathy. I'll miss seeing Rufus on your blog. I'm so very sorry. I know how much you loved him!