Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wedding Pages Class

Tonight I worked on a couple of pages that I'm designing for a wedding pages class. They're really actually quite nice in person. The picture is terrible, a fuzzy mess.

But you catch the drift... it's using the new Wedding line from Reminisce, and it's purposely neutral. I have one two-page layout left to design, but for now, this is enough to show what the class is about. Which reminds me, I should put it on the website. Ah, even on my night off, always working.

Today I said something to a friend, and I'm just itching to make a page about it. In total seriousness, I said to her, "yeah, I have to do laundry.... my dog's out of clean socks." As I was making dinner (yes I cooked) I thought of that and chuckled. I think I need to take pictures of Rufus in his variety of socks. Embrace the silly.

As far as Rufus's feet go, they're pretty much the same. He had both feet bleeding over the weekend, but I got them bandaged up with the help of Mom, R.N., and they've been better since then. I've decided to push off deciding about the surgery until June, but I fear it's unavoidable.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing them in person I can attest they are lovely, just lovely. One of these days I will get to my wedding album...hey I will have married for 15 years on Oh....about 23 days. I guess I won't start now!!!