Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday's Adventures

This morning, while I was at a doctor's appointment, I mentioned that I had gotten a couple of warts on a finger and the tip of my thumb. No problem, he says, and he comes back with a cup of liquid nitrogen. Heh. You ever hear the one, "Cure's worse than the disease"? Yeah, pretty much. Right about now, I have big, nasty blisters. Hurts like the dickens. But, it will all be worth it. I hope.

Then, this afternoon, a fabulous thing happened. We had been negotiating with Ms. Wishywashy about buying the townhouse. Over the weekend, we were stalling because there was a possible second, better offer. The offer we were waiting for never materialized, but then, out of the blue, Mr. Paycash-close-Friday arrived. Well! I'm a huge fan of him. Had no idea he existed. Can you believe it? Apparently there is a story behind it, but I don't know and I don't care. By this time Friday, the townhouse will be off our hands. Thank the Lord.

So, yeah. I'm still marveling at the offer that came in, and also being a big baby about my poor smarting hand. Life is funny sometimes.

Oh, and do you want to see the Reminisce paper that I am totally obsessed with? Here's a little snippet of it:

Is that SO me or WHAT?


Anonymous said...

Awesome news about the townhouse! And I can relate about the warts. Cure definitely hurts like heck. I've got one on the palm side of my right index finger that I'm choosing to ignore right now because I don't want to have it frozen off. Cool paper, too. It looks like a good candidate for a Japan layout of some sort.

nancy_scraps said...

You could wrap your hands in baby socks and lay around with Rufus. Maybe let him lick them every once in awhile.