Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trial and Error

in the ongoing saga of Rufus, the papilloma dog, I am constantly trying to find a way to keep his spots clean and dry and to keep Rufus as happy and normal as possible. The red doggie booties? They work pretty well for his front foot, but since his back feet are long and narrow, he can pull it off. The bandage alone? Works well on the back, not on the front, and over time, he works the bandage off on either foot. Yesterday morning, when we got up, he had a small surface infection on his back foot. So my next trick was to put the cone on his head. He wore the cone all day, but he struggles with stairs and eating and drinking, since his head and the cone are so low to the ground. Last night when I got home, I thought of something else to try.

I pulled a pair of pink baby socks out of a box in the crawlspace, and taped them so that they can't slip. Maybe this will work?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, he doesn't look too impressed. Poor, silly Rufus!p

nancy_scraps said...

Poor Rufus. I hope this works! It is so hard to keep a dog from licking.

And the cone is so undignified.

I think pink socks are better.

Anonymous said...

oh this will be one of my favorite pictures.. Very Rufus(>_<)!