Friday, April 06, 2007

Company's Coming!

Today I worked, went to Good Friday mass at church with Carrie & Eva, came home and made a financial plan with DH, and then ran to the grocery and pet store.

I asked Byerly's to hold 2 "seven bone" beef roasts for me. It was the cut that my Grandma used to get. Nowdays, most grocery stores remove the bones and cut it into smaller chuck roasts, but you can get the seven bone cut if you call ahead! I'm looking forward to eating it. The in-laws are coming over for dinner tomorrow, as well as my friend (and RCIA sponsor) Carrie.

When Dave & I were discussing the budget, he had me figure out the amount I need for food, both dining in and dining out. Ok. Then, he said, what about scrapbooking, what do you spend a month? $25?

Cough. Cough. Ahem.

Anyway, we agreed I would set a budget amount of $75 a month. I think I can manage that just fine. (!?!) But the funny thing that happened then was he said, now what about entertainment? How much money do you need?

See item: "Food" and item: "Scrapbooking"


Ok, I do go to the theatre at least 3 times a year. And I forgot about Netflix. But I try to get my books from the library or from friends... What other entertainment expenses are there?

Oh! I did promise to take a certain young man to the Children's Museum.

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Susan said...

I hear that budget thing suppose to be good...funny, Tom and I always talked about doing up one and never have. Now all of our money goes to the kids and all their stuff, budget, what's that???
Of course I do manage to spend some $$ on scrapbook and thank goodness its almost golf season....One of these days we'll deal with a budget. Good for you guys!!!