Thursday, April 12, 2007

Call him "Lumpy"

Last fall, some of you might remember that Rufus had a little cancer scare. No, I take that back. I had a cancer scare on behalf of Rufus. Anyway, it all worked out, and I was given the warning that this type of benign tumor could possibly reoccur, and if they did, it was up to us if we wanted to have them removed, since they do no harm to him. Well, this month, he suddenly got two new spots, one on his front foot and one on his back foot.
I took him in to have the vet reassure me that it was ok to leave them alone, so long as Rufus will leave them alone. He had found the one on his front foot, and had been licking it and making it irritated. So, we went back to the booties.

I thought, oh, he probably can't really reach the one on his back foot, right? Ha ha ha. He's more bendy than he looks, folks. Today I came out of my office to get a glass of water, and here is Rufus, again, bleeding, he has licked the spot raw. Poor, dumb, silly puppy. Ok, collect the bandages, tape, sock, scissors, and a can of cat food. Throw it all on the counter. Open cat food. Put dog on counter. Try to bandage dog in the 30 seconds it takes him to inhale food. Tell dog not to take the cover off of the butter dish. Remember why it's nice that dogs can't go on counters.

Is it just me, or is this photo begging for a thought bubble?


Anonymous said...

Cross my heart I won't lick it------if you'll just take it off!

Minda said...

And I'm pretty sure it would be a four letter word thought bubble.

nancy_scraps said...

You could go two ways. Is it an intense stare of irritation?

"What are YOU looking at?"

"You've done enough already just leave me alone"

Or is it a droopy pathetic stare?

"Oh please. It hurts. More cat food please"