Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A bit random.

Dave did a little bit of traveling over the weekend, but he made it there and back with no trouble. I talked to him on the phone and it sounded like they were putting up circus tents in the background. But I don't think the circus goes there.

Ok, a little explanation from last time: RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, classes to learn about becoming Roman Catholic. The group meets until Easter, and my dear friend Carrie is going to be my sponsor.

Over the weekend, I put together the last page of my Japan scrapbook. Now I have to go through and do the journaling. The two week trip made a 66-page scrapbook. Whew! The only thing I wish I had in there was something about visiting the glassmaking place. Maybe I can beg Chie to send me pictures or a brochure or something... (please please Hamabe sama)

When I was in Japan, one afternoon Chie and I went to a glassmaking place. It was kind of a school, but you could pay and make several kinds of glass objects, like blown glass or stained glass or some glass bead jewelry. I have been fascinated by the glassblowing at the Renaissance Festival for years, and I always consider buying something but I never do. So I thought, how cool, something that I can make myself. So we signed up to do it.

When we walked into the workroom, suddenly I panicked. Chie and were going to be on opposite sides of the room, each working with a glassmaker. A Japanese glassmaker.
My rusty Japanese language experience really didn't cover glassblowing terminology.
But thankfully my instructor spoke just enough English for us to get through it. (Bro hurt = Blow hard) It was really fun. I made a little round vase.

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