Friday, June 30, 2006

The Ceiling Battle, part 1

The history:
Last September, we bought a newly built house. It had a crack running the length of the ceiling. In the walkthrough with the builder, I asked to have the crack inspected and repaired. The builder assured me that the ceiling was structurally fine, and they sent a drywall team to repair it.

The drywall team fixed the crack, but the patch is more visible than the crack was. They also left a mess all over the floors, dinged up the walls, got drywall on the stair bannister, and generally left the house a disaster.

The builder came back and agreed the patch should be fixed. The drywall company said they would contact me when the weather warmed up, because they can't fix this in cold weather. This all happened prior to October 15, 2005.

May 2006. The weather is warm. I remembered that they were going to contact me about fixing the patch. I called the warranty department of Keyland Homes, the builder. The warranty rep said she'd contact the drywall company, and they'd call me by the end of the week. A week later, I called her again. And a week later, I called her again. This goes on until mid June. She also gave me the voicemail of the head of warranty so that I can leave him a message.

Finally she offers to give me the drywall contractor's number, so that I can call them directly. I do, and I explain the situation. The first person I talked to had no record of any work orders from Keyland. Then the contractor got on the phone, and started a long explanation about how he was waiting on the head of warranty at Keyland to call me and make an appointment. He also explained that they did the best job, and spent the most time that is state allowed on warranty work, on my ceiling repair. And the problem is not with their work, it's with the ceiling.

I call Keyland Warranty again, and as in previous calls, the head of warranty is out of the office. The rep tells me that "T is hard to catch and get him to return calls".

Last night, I came home to this email:

I have been trying to call you however your telephone line has been very busy....

So I responded:
If you are calling the correct number, it has caller ID and call waiting. I have received no calls from your office.

If you are calling my work number, it has caller ID and call waiting. Again, no calls.

If you are calling my cell phone, it has the same services. I do not have any record of any calls from your office or cell phone. That seems very strange that you say my line is busy. Do you have a record of when you called so that I can investigate with my phone company?

Now, I was irritated before that this person did not have the professional skills to manage to return a call within TWO MONTHS, but the fact that he tried to lie about it?
It's war, baby.

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