Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Pursuit of Stromboli Perfection

Last night my parents came up for dinner, and I'd say I made the most overall successful stromboli to date. I think photos and maybe even the recipe will be coming soon.

Ben has decided his break has been long enough, so it's time for tooth #5 to start coming. I bet it's all of the talk of eating stromboli that has his teeth racing to the surface.

Dave is now in Iraq, and I do have an address for him for those who might want it. He sent gifts from Iceland for Ben and I: He gave me a pretty and very comfy sweater, and sent Ben a stuffed animal. I really need to take photos of his menagerie while they're still in good shape.

Oh, and sweet darling boy has been letting me scrapbook while he plays. I think I've done about a dozen pages for his album in the last 72 hours. Turns out that when you have a thousand pictures of an adorable kid, the pages aren't too hard to do.

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