Friday, October 10, 2008

TallyScrapper Survivor Game: Week 3

This week's challenge is to:
- Use the sketch below
- Use the title "Everyday Life" and layer it
- Use a single month calendar with wings on it
- Use pictures and journaling about that month
- The lower right hand corner of your calendar should say 2008

I read the challenge after it came out yesterday, and I flat out HATED it. There is too much structure, I didn't like the title... yes, pretty much, hate at first sight. I thought, ok, kid, you need to come now because I don't want to do this challenge. And then, I at least came up with an idea using some beautiful pictures I had seen of someone else's family on someone else's blog... And a layout grew from there. Ahem, if you own these pictures, and you notice one tiny tiny piece of revisionist history, please don't bust me...

And so I present...


Leah C said...

darn... had to do it anyway, huh? *grins* I think it turned out GREAT! LOVE that stitching!

latte_grande said...

Wow, I think it's beautiful! Am I to understand you used a total stranger's family photos? You rebel, you!
Hey, I think today is a great day to have a baby! Why don't you get on that. :) Thinking of you!