Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Story of Benjamin - part three

So we waited, and waited. Then the nurse came in and said that she was still having trouble getting a good read on my contractions monitor. They checked my progress again, and I was only at 7 centimeters. It had been several hours since I had made any progress. My blood pressure was still very high, and Ben's heart rate was starting to decline. Dawn, the nurse, was very sensitive and cautiously told me that it was time to think about other options. I knew that she meant a c-section and I said, let's do it.

They prepared me for surgery, and gave Minda scrubs so that she could accompany me and take pictures of Ben. A short time later, they took me to the OR. The room was cool and bright. I met the anesthesiologist, and the CRNA. I liked them a lot, I felt very secure with them taking care of me. We talked about the music on the radio, about golf, and about Kim Jong Il. They increased my epidural so that I didn't have any pain.

The thing I hadn't expected from a C-section is how long it took. I mean, I'm very glad that the doctor was not rushing, but it felt to me like it took forever before I heard one gurgling cry... then a pause, again, so very long... and then another gurgling cry, and then I heard the healthy cry of my boy.

They cleaned him up a bit and wrapped him up, and then brought him to me so that I could see him, and touch him with my free hand. He was absolutely amazing. He went back up to my labor & delivery room, and they finished my surgery. Then they took me back to my room, to finally hold my baby.

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Tami said...

kim jong??? what??? good story. not too much excitement but just enough.