Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Knew?

Steve and Barry's.

I'm not sure why I stopped being a shopper... (oh yeah, new house!) But what an odd little retail clothing store. Some things were not my taste, but they had a lot of other things that I did like. And cheap! They seem to still be trying to get off the ground (or at least that's the impression the store gave) but I hope they stick around for a little while at least. I got embroidered U of Wisconsin Badgers(yes, official licensed apparel) T-shirts for Dave, 2 for $15. I am intrigued...

And, who knew... I'm in total denial about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter in general! Heck, I might grab my camping chair and book (and my parka) and go to the beach! (before the sun sets at 4:30...)

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