Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happiness, Forgiveness and the Universe

"I am absorbed with a delicate thought..."
--Edgar Allen Poe, Letters, 1831

A week and a half ago, at women's bible study, Debbie said a very profound thing, that sometimes we get into habits of "excusing" a person rather than forgiving a person, when that person wrongs you. I've been mulling that over ever since.

Today I've been thinking also about happiness, and that each person, and no one else, owns their own happiness. And that is something that is ours to control, with the help of God. I know very well that environment and my own body can make happiness seem out of reach. But where this culture tells us to say, "you made me unhappy because...", I want to instead say, "I felt unhappy, because...", In that case, neither burying the injury OR placing blame. But it's a very hard thing.

I'm still thinking it all over...


Anonymous said...

You make me so proud!
Love, Mom

Nicole said...

surfing the blogs today and I wanted to comment because your post seemed to fit how I feel lately and I like the idea that I can make myself happy. I need to remember that more often. Thanks for the insperation!

Tami said...

the idea of forgiving and excusing is something to think about.