Friday, August 03, 2007

Be Nice

Today is my parents 39th Anniversary! Love you both.

I got this yesterday:

First, I would like to say that I have a bizarre sense of pride about my blood donating skills. (Skills? HA!) When I got there, already in the chairs were a lady police officer, and a big tough looking guy. I did the thing, read my book as I gave blood, got up and went over to get some juice. The tough guy was going through the steps to keep him from fainting, and the lady cop was too woozy to stand. Now, in any other test of strength or general studliness, I would SO lose. But by some total fluke of fate and body chemistry, I AM a blood donating queen! What a stupid thing to feel pride in. But I admit it, I do.

Another thing I realized while I was at the blood bank; Here are another group of AMAZING heroes. If you know anyone who works for the Red Cross or a blood bank, give them a hug. Bake them a pie. They are working overtime to make sure that everyone who wants to give and everyone who needs to receive are being accounted for.

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