Friday, November 24, 2006

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

So tonight I decided (to start a sentence with a preposition.) No. Tonight I decided to have Karlene put her Christmas tree in the living room. Last year, I put my tree in the living room and she put her tree in the family room. It worked well. But I decided I wouldn't put my tree up this year. So (there I go again) her tree went where there was the most space; the living room. When she was putting her decorations up, I started feeling nostalgic and thinking about my decorations. For a little bit, I was sorry that I had decided to forgo my tree this year.

Then a little while later I was sitting in the living room, and I looked at Karlene's tree. It's very pretty, but very different from my tree. Looking at her tree, I remembered my tree last year, it's first year in that spot. The tree last year was part of so much... Dave coming home, Christmas, our wedding. This year, it's better to save it. I made the right decision.

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