Monday, November 06, 2006

Good weekend

This last weekend was really fun. I worked Friday night and Saturday at Too, and Saturday evening I went to my sister-in-law's for dinner. Sunday afternoon she and my niece came over to scrapbook. I think Rachel finished the most things. I like to watch her create. At 8 years old, there is no limit to her creativity. It helps remind me to sometimes throw away the rules about color and patterns.

Scrap club meets again tomorrow night. I've been looking forward to tomorrow for quite some time now... partially for scrap club and partially for saying goodbye to all of the political ads.

Ah, But of course! Coming to your tv soon: the Christmas ads - you know - the ones that tell you that you don't really love your family unless you run yourself ragged and go deeper into debt during the holiday season?

Hmm. Guess I'll go to the library & get some more books.

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Minda said...

I forgot, one of the advantages of not having a TV is only having to deal with political ads when I drive, when I listen to the radio, when I check the mail, when I...