Friday, August 11, 2006

My Two Cents on Journaling in Scrapbooks

Don't be afraid to go deeper.
Everyone has a different level of comfort with putting their feelings "out there". If you can write out what's in your heart and put it on a page, that's great. But if you're not comfortable with that, consider tucking journaling behind a picture or putting it in an envelope. Just try to put it somewhere. Scrapbooks are made with a lot of time and a lot of heart (And money, don't forget money). Let your heart out.

I once read a little bit of the diary my grandmother kept as a young woman. It was pretty dry, everyday stuff. But it gave me some insight to who my grandmother was as a person. Why? Because it was honest. It was what she really did, thought and felt.

This topic is on my mind thanks to Minda and to Wes Thomsen, and the thread of "whitewashing their lives". I will admit when I chronicled one year of my life, I did not chronicle the divorce I was going through, other than obliquely. What I did talk about was the secrets, pain, and the recovery. It's all in there, but you may have to look a little deeper.


Mom said...

How did my little girl grow up to be so wise? I have learned so much from you. Back to your comments about people who ask when you are going to have a baby, I heard a lot of those same kind of questions before you were born. They were very annoying and only added to my frustration, but it turned out that you have been well worth waiting the extra year and a half for.
With love,

Minda said...

Divorce? Is there ANYTHING we don't have in common? After my first marriage, I threw all my journals from age 12 to 27 in the trash. Gone. 15 years of deep insight and life. Erased. I'll NEVER do that again.

Oh and look, ^ you have a sweet,
cool mom, just like me!