Thursday, February 26, 2009


This last week (actually, the last month) has just flown by in a blur. So I just need to take a bit, catch my breath, and write down the things that have happened so that I don't forget.

Dave came home from Georgia on Feb 1. He finished WO school and earned distinguished honor grad. He went back to work for two weeks, and then got ready to deploy. He left yesterday for Ft. Lewis in Washington. He'll be heading back to Iraq in a few weeks.

I've been working overtime, and scrapbooking when I get the chance. Had a lot of ups and downs this month.

Ben has been growing and constantly changing. Now that his first two teeth are in, he's back to his giggly, happy self. He loves being fed rice cereal and veggies. Sweet potatoes got rave reviews, but green beans gave him an all-over body shudder. (he kept eating them, though). He rolls over both directions regularly, and would rather stand (with help of course) than sit. He acts like he wants to learn to run any day now. I am constantly amazed by him.

Today, Ben and I are leaving for Ft Myers, Florida with my Mom & Dad, to go and spend some time with Aunt Sandy. Well, if the weather here cooperates, anyway. They're forcasting a winter storm to start any time now, and our flight is scheduled to leave in five hours.

Before Dave left, Minda took a few pictures of us. Here are a few favorites.

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