Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two Months Old

My eyes are brown. Dave's eyes are brown. So, based on dominant vs. recessive genes, our babe's eyes are...
Becoming more blue every day.
I think he looks a little like his half-brother (who has brown eyes) and a little bit like my brother, Pete (brown eyes). Where did this kid come from, anyway? I have no idea. It's really too bad that he's not mine because I'm crazy in love with him.


rachel whetzel said...

well, if nobody claims him... I would LOVE to adopt!!

nancy_scraps said...

He's so darling. He has a very distinctive look... almost like a little old man.
But yeah, I don't see you or Dave in his features. That's ok...they change quickly at this age and soon he will look just like one of you...for awhile anyway..

Thanks for the pictures!

Patti H said...

he is so precious!!