Sunday, November 09, 2008

Survivor Week 7

This week, I decided to dig into some of my "vintage" photos, and as soon as I found this one, I knew I had found the perfect photo for the poem I had picked. So this page is dedicated to(and starring) my cousin Laurie!

This week is about Vintage Scrapbooking! Yes. We are following some guidelines that were mainstream when your grandmothers kept scrapbooks.

Your layout instructions for this week:

* create a frame or border. many vintage postcards were created with fanciful decorated borders.
* vintage written sentiments were often poetry. your journaling should be a poem, yours or someone elses.
* alter your page with paint, ink, rubber stamping by using Tim Holtz's November tutorial found HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cousin! That's beautiful. I love it and I love you!