Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Here is a little taste of Spring. Trust me, don't look outside. No good can come of it. For now, the flowers are found indoors.

We had a very nice Easter. We went to Mass, and then Dave's family came over. We had dinner, we told them about the baby, we played games. It was a fun afternoon, but afterwards I was exhausted! Oh, and I was darn happy... I was still able to fit into my new Easter suit. $12 at the consignment shop, whoo hoo!


Mom said...

Cute suit! Don't you just love those deals on clothes with experience? No worries about shrinkage either.

Leah C said...

You look beautiful!! This is the avatar on tally, isn't it?
Hey, being nosey and all.. who is in the round frame on the wall behind you??