Monday, December 31, 2007

December Time Capsule

1) A gift you gave: Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Legos
2) Something you apologized for: being crabby
3) The last person you thanked: Nancy, for supper
4) The last movie you watched: I didn't really watch "Nightmare before Christmas", but it was playing and I sang along...
5) The best food you ate this month: Dinner at Chateau Lamothe
6) The last place you ate out: Chateau Lamothe
7) Something that made you cry: a toast to Gary
8) Something that made you laugh: hanging out with Kei
9) The last person you talked to on the phone: Christy
10) Someone you're thinking about today: Tami
11) What have you created this month that you are proud of: 2 Christmas ornaments
12) What is your mood today: Lazy
13) What is today's weather: Light Snow. High 20F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.
14) Something you are thinking about: Birthday parties

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