Sunday, June 03, 2007

How Weird is My Life?

Yeah. I worked all day, got home, let the dogs out. They were still excited and playful, so I sat down on the living room floor to wear them out a bit. Missy was tearing around like a puppy, bowling over Rufus, and, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but she ran into me and her head or her shoulder hit my nose HARD. I heard a crunch kind of sound and got up to go into the kitchen for a paper towel. My nose is bleeding, I can feel where it separated, and I'm thinking, OH CRAP, now what do I do? I'm not a fan of heading to the ER only to be given tylenol and an ice pack, but I wasn't sure if I should.... It also vaguely crossed my mind that the last time I had a facial injury, I had to submit to about a million questions to verify that I was not a victim of domestic assault.

Hey, I'm a victim of domestic assault. My dog beat me up.

Anyway, that was NOT the reason I didn't go to the emergency room, and it wasn't because I didn't want to trouble any of the kind, dear friends who would have taken me. I called my mom (the nurse) and explained, and she agreed I could stay home, and then she called a doctor that she knows, just to make sure he agreed, and she checked up on me. I made myself a lovely ice pack and had a relaxing evening.

It aches today, but doesn't look too bad. I'm guessing the bruises will come out in a day or so. Something to look forward to.

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