Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December Scrap Club

Last night Scrap Club met and again we had a very fun time. (I refuse to call the group "Minda Scraps", I love ya Minda, but that's just too weird) We had absolutely sinful cookies and wassail and glogwein. Beyond excellent.

The challenge for this month was to use a set sketch and the page kit we received last month. I really enjoyed this because it made me add elements to the page that I really loved - the flowers - that I probably wouldn't have thought to do otherwise.

As you can see, again this month I borrowed somebody else's kid for the subject of the layout. I haven't been inspired by cat or dog pictures recently I guess.

Next month's challenge is to do a page as a gift about another person in the group. Again I'm challenged and excited because my person is somebody I don't know well yet, but what I know I like.

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